7-Day Leadership Challenge

Ready to manifest 5X Success?

"Challenge yourself; it’s the only path that leads to growth." - Morgan Freeman

Wonder what challenge has to do with growth?

Well, research proves that when we challenge ourselves we invite new experiences and it's only through new experiences that we create new neuron connections in our brain, leading to enhanced intelligence. 

Interesting? So this goes to prove that there is NO age to increase your Intelligence Quotient; all you need is your willingness to get there.

Gear up for this exciting challenge planned for you over 7 days period that is sure to bring in newer experience and help you grow 5X using your elevated intelligence.

So are you ready ?

 How does it work?

You will have to question and face your own limitations to let go of them.

You have to either choose a comfortable and mundane life or a set of new challenges and speedy growth. 

You will have to break your own habits in order to find light and grow from it.

What’s a task if there’s no fun in it? 

So, we have closely thought through the rewards you will receive in this journey. 

Perks along the way:

Each challenge will prepare you to form and stick to new habits which you thought would be too difficult to try.

Get access to free meditation sessions to calm your mind and increase your focus on the challenges.

We are all made from our experiences. You will be exposed to experiences of some Great Leaders and our Silhouette Tribe, that’ll make sure you are using an experienced frame of mind to face your problems.

Why should you take up this challenge?

What a TRANSFORMED YOU will look like:

  • Seek 5X growth in your career and all areas of life.

  • Become efficient, focused and create an environment where you are the silent engine empowering yourself.

  • Growth changes your entire persona. It will transform you to be a better version of yourself.

The fact that you’re here speaks volumes about how you’re ready to take up this challenge.

Get started with your journey of learning and growing.

About Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta

Founder CEO - SBY Academy, Leadership & Etiquette Coach

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta is a Certified Leadership & Etiquette Coach, a mentor, an advisor and an acknowledged Keynote Speaker. She is recognized as one of the Top 10 Women Startup CEOs 2020 and a proud recipient of National Women Excellence Award 2018 by Indo-European Chambers of Small and Medium Enterprise.

Yukti is a seasoned Coach and passionately promotes SBY Academy as a platform that enables individuals to strengthen their productivity, performance, presentability and people-skills, thereby shaping them into impactful and effective Leaders.

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