Wellness camp

SIX days wellness retreat for your MIND, BODY & SOUL

We are all amidst a biological war.

This prolonged uncertainty has led people to feel a lot more anxious. When anxiety gets severe, the kinds of behavior of self harm increase. With the mounting pressures, anxiety and depression all around us, it is imperative to focus on the wellbeing of our teams and our own selves.

Free Press Journal reports that 9 out of 10 office workers are facing health problems, thanks to Work From Home since the beginning of the pandemic.

  • Stiff neck (39.4%)
  • Back pain (53.13%)
  • Difficulty sleeping (44.28%)
  • Sore arms (34.53%)
  • Sore legs (33.83%)
  • Headaches or eye strain (27.26%)


7 Reasons to attend the Wellness Camp:

  1. Elevate your energy levels - physically, emotionally and mentally
  2. Learn ways to manage and reduce stress
  3. Practice how to control anxiety
  4. Gain from expert's advise on ways to save more money in these tough times
  5. How to use 'laughter' as a real medicine to combat depression and stress
  6. Increase your productivity and maintain better work-life balance
  7. Gather wisdom from industry experts on new ways to maintain wellbeing in the new-normal times

And most importantly, it's time to invest in your own self, holistically.

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel, and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results."

                                    - Anthony Robbins

About the 'Wellness Camp'

Wellness Camp by SBY Academy is a carefully-drafted retreat for your Mind, Body & Soul. This camp covers all important aspects of wellness giving you the Strength, Peace and Calmness you deserve in these uncertain times; a complete package for a holistic well-being. 

5 amazing aspects of our Wellness Camp

  • Physical wellness: Yoga & Pranayam -  Asanas to help you release stress and elevate energy levels almost instantly.
  • Emotional wellness: Laughter Yoga & Stand-up Comedy - Techniques that you can continue practicing to use laughter as a stress releasing tool.
  • Mental wellness: Building resilience & Decoding stress -  Practical ways to reduce stress levels that can be incorporated in your daily routine.
  • Financial wellness: How to save more with less income - Tips and suggestions to invest right, even in ‘wrong’ times (special session only for Women executives).
  • Professional wellness: How to manage 'time' @ WFH - Learning the right postures, routine and discipline to follow for maximizing productivity for better results.

Program Details

Program Dates - 21st June'21 to 26th June'21

Languages -  English and Hindi

Sessions - 5 repeat sessions every day

Fee - INR 1,999 (incl taxes) for the entire program

Program Highlights

LIVE sessions with Industry Experts

Flexible time slots basis convenience

Panel discussion with Wellness2.0

Open Q&A session on 26th Jun'21

All LIVE sessions for 60 mins each

Sessions in both English and Hindi

Special thanks for your kind support