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Top 4 Leadership Skills to Ace your Career & Life

While these skills are known to everybody, the depth at which they were explained, brainstormed & understood brought a whole new clarity. Had these skills been taught & drilled earlier, would have made a significant impact on the way I would have approached things with more calmness & ease. The courses have made me introspect, shifting my entire perspective on the way I perceive, look at things, behave & act without bias.

by Abhijit Sanzgiri, Partner A.P. Sanzgiri & co.

As a surgeon, I was always curious about what happens in the corporate world. All I knew at the start of the course was that I don't know much about leadership skills. I felt that as a doctor, I wouldn't require such skills. But during this course, I realized that even I need to learn and use these skills. I realized that this course is important for every individual. Have learnt a lot through this course. 

by Dr. Manisha Surjuse, Gynecologist, Surgeon, Owner - Leora Aesthetic & Ayurveda Clinic

Learn the skills that 500+ of our Leaders have mastered already

Do you know what's the most frequently asked question on Leadership? 

That's - What skills should I develop to be an effective leader?

To excel in career & life, every new age leader has to consciously learn to stay relevant and reinvent in changing times.

Here is a challenge most of us face when it comes to learning - while we have the intent to learn, there is just so much content out there. What should we learn first and what's more critical to our success? 

Well, let's beat this challenge together. 

In this masterclass, we intend to share with you  Top 4 Leadership skills that you must possess in today’s post-pandemic world to accelerate your growth by 5X ; irrespective of the sector you belong to.

Get ready to discover:

  • What are these TOP 4 Leadership Skills you MUST learn to grow 5X in your career?
  • How to apply these skills in practical ways and achieve success in your chosen profession?
  • How to master these skills in the next 15 days?

By the end of this FREE Masterclass, you will know exactly what skills to develop as an effective leader and how to Master these skills in the next 15 days.

Masterclass Fee : FREE

Date : 6th October, 2021

Time : 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

About Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta

Founder & CEO - SBY Academy, Leadership & Etiquette Coach

 As a Former Gladrags Mrs. India (Runner-up), and an Ex-Banker with Citi & Barclays, Yukti has closely witnessed the gap between people’s capability to perform and ability to lead; and is on a mission to transform leaders, making every organization she serves, a Great Place To Work.

Through her passionately-driven platform - SBY Academy , she has already impacted 50,000+ individuals across 100+ organizations. 

Yukti has been felicitated with Mumbai Woman Leadership Award 2021 , Top 10 Women Startup CEOs 2020, National Woman Excellence Award 2018 and many other such prestigious recognitions for her entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

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