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Leadership (SCL) Club

Where Leaders Transform. 

WARNING - You are about to change your life tremendously. Something you’ve been DREAMING OF FOR the longest time.

With hand on your heart, how many times have you signed up for a club membership to never look back? Well, this is NOT one such club.

SCL is a tribe of ambitious leaders, who want to stand out by developing themselves consciously and evolving to be a better human consistently. 

Hope you enjoyed the 7 Days Challenge (Go for it if you haven't already)

Our Mission:

  • We are a platform for leaders to network, interact and most importantly be on a journey of continuous learning from each other and through the many resources we share with our members.

Want to know a secret?

Greatest leaders achieve their level of greatness by walking above their many failures before achieving success. 

Life is too short to learn everything from our own mistakes. Wiser people learn from other's mistakes just as well.

Here is your space to drop the need to be picture perfect and embrace your vulnerabilities (that makes us human) with the support of your SCL tribe.

Now lets untap this secret and grow 5X together.

You’ve already taken the first step towards success with our 7-Day Leadership Challenge.

Congratulations, Now you are a member of our TRIBE! 

  • Get added to our closed group on LinkedIn
  • Be a part of the tribe who believe in evolving together

SCL Membership Benefits

Become a Seeker Member

Explore your perks as a seeker member:

  • FREE LIVE Leadership Masterclass every month

  • Special Discount to some of our greatest leadership courses

  • Invitation for Insightful Discussions with Industry Experts

Become an Awakened Member

All the benefits of Seeker Membership

+ 3 Complimentary Masterclass of your choice within a year
+ 1 Complimentary Discovery session for personal coaching with Yukti

+ Flat 15% discount on ULM Course

+ Access to 7 Guided Meditation for Leaders for 1 year

Value of the benefits: INR 60,000/-

Membership Fee: INR 10,000/- (per annum)

3rd and the final step to ‘Leadership Excellence’

Become an Evolved Member 

(Only for ULM Participants)

All the benefits of awakened membership

+ Weekend Leadership Retreat twice a year with like-minded leaders.

+ Additional learning resources to go deeper

+ Special Discount on our online self paced learning courses

If you’re looking for luck, you’ll keep waiting. Make your life successful to be a better human & as a result, a much better Leader.

“I want to join this club, but…”

1. What is the purpose of this club?

You are the average of 5 people you're close to. Your vibe attracts your tribe. 

Interact with like minded people to share and enhance your skills and blend it with the power of spirituality through deeper introspection. This tribe is sure to be your guide, friend and philosopher who will take you towards 10X Growth in every area of your life.

2. Who needs to join this club?

This club is for that -

  • Business owner who knows how lonely it is to be at the top.
  • Corporate executive who refuses to follow the bandwagon to be successful and wants to keep his or her values intact and is wondering how.
  • Startup who wants to lead with purpose & never lose that clarity in the rat race of becoming the next unicorn.

3. Why should you be a part of this club?

With this membership you need -
  • No Books.
  • No Videos to watch.
  • No practice to sign up for. 
Let us do it all for you. We create a path for our members that leads them towards an inner journey that helps them to be better at their outward journey.

4. How does this club improve your life as a leader?

SCL CLUB will not only challenge you, but also support you to embrace that challenge, so you can go beyond your comfort zone and experience 10X growth much faster than otherwise. It will equip you to overcome challenges in a practical way.

5. What do we expect our members to do in this club?

You are a leader. Our only expectation is for you give your 100% commitment to this membership and not take this as yet another something signed up for. While we promise to offer phenomenal value, we expect your unshakable commitment to bring that value and bring it to life.


About Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta

Founder CEO - SBY Academy, Leadership & Etiquette Coach

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta is a Certified Leadership & Etiquette Coach, a mentor, an advisor and an acknowledged Keynote Speaker. She is recognized as one of the Top 10 Women Startup CEOs 2020 and a proud recipient of National Women Excellence Award 2018 by Indo-European Chambers of Small and Medium Enterprise.

Yukti is a seasoned Coach and passionately promotes SBY Academy as a platform that enables individuals to strengthen their productivity, performance, presentability and people-skills, thereby shaping them into impactful and effective Leaders.

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