The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams: Eleanor Roosevelt

I am a die-hard optimist and a dreamer. In all these years that have made me who I am, my dreams have been my greatest companions. This post is a throwback to my dreams, the turning-points of life. Read it in a moment when life may not be looking up for you, or when you are seeking inspiration.

Playing Big (in every sense)

I grew up playing the role of the eldest daughter, taking charge of my sisters. I had to pull myself up the learning curve, awareness and maturity way before time. Those were tough times, but they instilled a winner’s streak in me. Later, picking up the Mrs. India form on an in-flight magazine, quitting my job at a multinational bank to be my own boss, or educating street kids in Mumbai: may look like small incidents, but they shaped me into a successful businesswoman, philanthropist, and a content family person.

To my readers, I would say, listen to your heart and keep your senses open to the moments when your heart says ‘yes’. Walk into the salon without an appointment because some me-time could perk you up, do the rain dance and go crazy, join the neighborhood dance class, just play big, spontaneously!

Dreaming with Courage

I look back in gratitude to my family and friends for their unwavering support. But I also realize that no support is enough if you are not clear about your own path. It was my unwavering determination that helped my family believe in my dreams. That is why they cheered me up and provided support at every step. Today, despite being a mother of twins, I continue to dream and work hard towards making them come true!

No matter how adverse life may seem, never give up on your dreams. Give it your all, and push every boundary you have ever known. And then see how everything around you starts moving towards fulfilling your dreams.

Believing Deeply

Another awesome quality that I look back fondly on is my self-belief. It surely has made the difference between giving up and coming out as a winner. A few years ago when I was at the top of my game at the Bank, I was discriminated against due to my pregnancy. But I believed in who I was, and ensured that I won back my due. Today, when my success sometimes raises eyebrows, I know that till I believe in myself, nothing can stop me from living my dreams.

Never let your detractors (even if that includes your very own mind) move you away from your heart’s true desire. Take the leap of faith, and your belief in your capability will give you the strength to fly.

Yes, disappointments and challenges have dampened my spirit but I’ve never let them break me. I stick to who I am and that guides me. Today I love where I am in my life. Whether it fits into people’s definition of success or not, I am a success to myself and that’s what matters the most!