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Associate Director - Diyotta India Pvt. Ltd. 


Partner, A.P. Sanzgiri & Co

I have been speaking at various professional forums for the last 20 years. I've also heard various speakers & also gone through various programs & courses. The Upskilling Leadership Blueprint (ULB) & the advanced Upskilling Leadership Challenge (ULC) of SBY Academy of Yukti Mehandiratta are in an altogether different league. 

While the ULB focused on the 4 ā€œCā€ skills of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity & Critical Thinking, the  ULC focuses on Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Decision-Making & Self-Awareness. ULB was a mix of live webinars, interviews, videos, extremely powerful content & highly stimulating exercises. ULC has a daily stronger & richer content & more deep thought-provoking exercises. 

While these skills are known to everybody, the depth at which they were explained, brainstormed & understood brought a whole new clarity. Had these skills been taught & drilled earlier, would have made a significant impact on the way I would have approached things with more calmness & ease. The courses have made me introspect, shifting my entire perspective on the way I perceive, look at things, behave & act without bias.     

Would strongly recommend the ULB & ULC as great upgrade programs. Will truly change your vision & purpose of life. 


Senior Vice President - Ecofirst Services Limited (A TATA Enterprise)

I am thrilled to have completed this course on Upskilling Leadership Blueprint (ULB) offered by  SBY Academy from the first batch. Personally hand crafted by Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta  with a unique course content and pedagogy I strongly recommend this course for all - the Millennials to the Senior Leaders . It has quality content to deal with the 4Cs of the Leadership like Critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication & Creativity all delivered in a lovely style via online lessons, LeaderTalk , Personal assessments, Assignments and more. Leader Talk series is by some illustrious masters and experts. 

The advance level course, Upskilling Leadership Challenge takes you deeper into your understanding of leadership and helps you sharpen the edges. Learning the concept and many tools for strengthening Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management and Decision Making has come very handy in my senior leadership role in my company. It's a challenge worth taking.
Strongly recommend these courses to develop 21st century skills. The value creation is priceless!


Co-Director, Network TechLab Pvt. Ltd.

There are lot of new learnings for me from Upskilling Leadership Blueprint (ULB) course, though we keep getting the benefit of your executive coaching even otherwise. I realised how creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration are so interconnected. Critical thinking helped me to eliminate a lot of noise in my mind and cleared the clutter. 

Learnt that effective leadership is when you are able to get the best from your people. Great realisations for me and has changed the way I deal with my teams. The structure of the course helped me a lot. Collaboration module particularly had a huge impact on me. It opened up new business strategies for us to increase our speed to market. 

Upskilling Leadership Challenge (ULC) course has opened a lot more areas for me. The beauty of the program is that I learn for 30 minutes everyday, and then I implement them the whole day. It gives me practical tips and assessment to get the best out of my learning. I am super excited everyday to learn something new. Thanks Yukti for enrolling me in this course.


Co-Director, Network TechLab Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks for your wonderful coaching. Upskilling Leadership Blueprint (ULB) is a fabulous course and the content is rich and well structured. 

What I liked the most is that you can go back to the content whenever you want and brush up things again. It has engrained a lot of values for me. Implementation has already started for me in each and every area. 

The knowledge that I gained from ULB is now part of my life. Converting this knowledge into habit is what I am learning at Upskilling Leadership Challenge (ULC) course. ULC is a very deep course that brings a sea change in the way of being. It brings in strength, confidence and inner peace. The format of the syllabus is simply amazing. Thanks a lot Yukti, for everything.


Talent Acquisition, AgileN2N, Chicago

Throughout the course I could feel enriched experience and not just textual concepts. There were real scenarios discussed which really helped. All the skills that are covered in this course has helped me to get the comfort to speak and share my views. All sections were not just work related but can be also used for life. Each time you go through it, you will learn something new.

Your enthusiasm was amazing and infectious, Yukti. You truly walk the talk. Thank you so much.


Gynaecologist, Surgeon, Owner - Leora Aesthetic & Ayurveda Clinic

As a surgeon, I was always curious about what happens in the corporate world. All I knew at the start of the course was that I don't know much about leadership skills. I felt that as a doctor, I wouldn't require such skills. But during this course, I realised that even I need to learn and use these skills. I realised that this course is important for every individual. Have learnt a lot through this course. It has been a turning point for me and a blessing during lockdown. 

I learnt about critical thinking, reasons for collaborating, how to focus and not interrupt when someone talks, and a lot more. 

Also, my executive coaching sessions with you for over 9 months now, has brought in a lot of changes - I don't judge people as much, am a lot more focussed and take appropriate pauses while talking.

Have realised that even as a surgeon I can use creativity. Learnt a lot from all insights shared by experts during these courses.

You are the best coach, Yukti. Everyone should watch all your videos repeatedly. Every time I watch them, I feel like its a new me with a new learning and a new soul. Felt really good. Thank you.


Talent Acquisition Specialist, Telebu Communications LLP

It has been an amazing experience. People say that you need 21 days to build a habit but through your course I build the good habit of daily learning in just 15 days of ULB. 

I think its been the best 15 days for me with new learning everyday. Critical thinking and Communication had a huge impact on me. How to think clearly and take the right pauses to communicate effectively is helping me a lot in my corporate life. All these 4 C's were very powerful. I do keep coming back to the content and learn more each time. Thank you so much, Yukti. Am glad to be a part of this course.