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In 2013, The Soft Skills Disconnect Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center stated that 85% of success comes from having fine people skills.

As the world gets more automated and machine-led, the pressing need is to not only excel in the job at hand (that may cease to exist); but to master roles that you’ve never imagined before. In the IoT-led future where all machines think alike, the human consciousness will help differentiate one person from another and will be a yardstick for performance. That’s why globally, people coaching is shifting from a good-to-do to a must-to-do. Question is, are YOU ready?


To prep an entire generation for tomorrow’s world, we enable people to strengthen their productivity, presentability and people-skills. Our workshops are interactive and experiential, thereby creating not just an impression but a real and lasting impact. Tailored to different needs, they are geared to amp up your performance, with something for everyone.


Every aspiring entrepreneur must focus on building and nurturing a particular set of skills that are imperative to success. Our courses are specifically designed to cater to entrepreneurs who are looking to imbibe these key skills that will set them apart from the rest.



Our workshops are offered in three formats:

One-on-one sessions

This is a unique, exclusive and deep journey of trust. Together, we unfold the many aspects of your life that are empowering you or holding you back in life, and at work. As we untie the emotional knots, you experience a surge of energy that is then channelized to achieve your dreams.

The process includes periodic interactions; follow-ups on tasks and sessions with Industry experts such as nutritionists, psychometric analysts, clinical wellness counselling and more, if required.

Group coaching

This is an exciting format where we tap the collective energy of groups through team-based workshops. We conduct these energetic and experiential workshops for executives across levels covering various modules basis the organisation’s brief.

What makes our offerings unique are the pre- and post-assessment sessions that we conduct before and after 30 days of the sessions. It helps build a reconnect and seals the experience with real value that lasts longer.

Multiple interventions

While one group session will surely leave you impressed (or so we hope), it will also have you asking for more. So to be able to make a real impact, we recommend multiple workshop interventions.

As they say, “An action by itself is insignificant but an action repeated every day is life-changing”. As a consistent and continued model of working together an enduring impact, a series of workshops enable us to hand-hold you till the point of transformation.

Virtual Sessions 

With the advancement of virtual learning techniques, the possibilities of training-learning are endless. Our online coaching platforms are efficient, cost effective and immensely successful due to being practical and powerful at the same time. Our training sessions and workshops are engaging, effective and equally relevant for all kinds of professions and sectors.

At SBY Academy, we understand that at every rung of the ladder, your career needs may vary. Whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur or even a person wanting to return to work, we have the right mix of training tools especially customized for you.


Middle Management

Women returning to work

First-time Managers

Students & Institutions

Entrepreneurs & Start-ups


Your business game is at its top – perfect time to launch yourself a little bit higher. So whether you want to stand out as an executive leader, cut a fine impression as an entrepreneur, or simply shine out for who you are, a striking presence backed by a powerful performance is your greatest weapon. Our workshops prep you up for the face-off:

  • Understand and leverage on the concept of “return on effort”(ROE), that has gradually taken over from ROI as a holistic way to evaluate decisions at work 
  • Flaunt our strengths and create an impact with your performance.
  • Recognize your true potential and be your best at work and in life.
  • Pick up sharper communication skills, present yourself with confidence and strengthen your interpersonal relationships. 
  • Learn the best way of being in business, social and other power circles around you.

Walk up to every opportunity of life with a presence that stands out, behaviour that connects with all, and communication par excellence, leaving people dazzled with the charisma of a confident winner.

Note: –
These workshop names and content are intellectual property of SBY Academy LLP. Any person is prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, and/or using it other than our registered facilitator. -We have numerous sessions which we customise and vary according to the specific requirement of the Organisation.