General Manager, Taj Vivanta, Whitefield, Bangalore

Yukti’s training technique and her personality are an inspiration to me. She took a training session on leadership with the excom team at Vivanta Whitefield, Bangalore on leadership and left an indelible mark on each participant. I would highly recommend Yukti for her depth of knowledge and development skills but more importantly for her fun and engaging style of training. 


Partner, Vis Legis Law Practices

Yukti is known for her thorough and well organized training sessions. Thus, we engaged Team Silhouette and Yukti for training sessions for our office on soft skills. The materials provided during the training sessions were interesting as well as very informative and the discussions regarding the same were truly inspiring. The level of detailing in the preparation and execution of the training, was simply impressive. One of the best element of these training's was that it was less of training but more interactive and effective discussions to address the concerns, which simply boosted the voluntary participation in the trainings.

Yukti & her team did a wonderful job for our office staff. We look forward to attend future trainings and would strongly recommend to engage team Silhouette and Yukti for the training sessions.


Executive Vice President, Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction

We are pleasantly surprised by the organized approach, well laid-out content and an effective presentation by you. We have received a great response internally and the team is happy to have been involved in the experience. We believe that your suggestions will be absorbed by our young team and will help them immensely in their work life.


Head-Sales, CRM and Marketing, KHemani Group

Silhouette’s workshop has been a good insight on style and etiquettes for me and my team. Ms Yukti and her team had tailor-made the workshop for us with her vast experience and understanding on the subject. Lots of vital aspects were covered with practical day to day situations. It helped all of us to invest for that impression we always want to make on our clients. Special thanks to her for making us confident when we present ourselves to others and try to improve on regular basis.


HR & Coaching Solutions | Storyteller @ Storytrails 

No leader can serve without knowing themselves. eWIT Kerala had approached SBY Academy to kick start the eWIT Accelerated Leadership Programme with a self-awareness module. Yukti took the module and delivered a whole programme. She engaged the leaders with pre, during, between, and post the session with nuggets of priceless wisdom and practical tips that they could act upon immediately. There is only magic that happens when so much attention and effort is taken. "Eye-opener", "Energising" and "Engaging" are just a few of the words I keep hearing again and again of the wonderful session Yukti conducted.


SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

What a pleasure it was to attend Yukti's amazing session on the Leadership & Coaching tips. As always, I noticed Yukti over delivering with her super quality content. She can speak without slides for hours and then get into nuts and bolts level details with her favorite mindmaps 😊. The finesse with which SBY Academy delivers, is par excellence. Enjoyed & will learn more, and more with SBY Academy.


Supervising Producer, Sony Pictures Networks

The workshop was an eye opener for me. There are so many things that I didn’t know. It made me aware of who I am, what is meant for me and what can look good on me. It has made me realise that how I carry myself can change things for me and for the outside world.


Graphic and UI designer, Servify

For me, it wasn’t less than having a makeover. I have never given such importance on how I should look or what should I wear. This workshop gives you a different perspective towards yourself, to understand what is good for you and what looks good on you. Whatever I learnt at the workshop, I applied it in my life and I have got many compliments.



Silhouette is about enhancing your own original style not to impress others but to love yourself. Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.


Head of Research and Investment Advisor, Edelweiss

There is no end to learning, especially when you are sitting through a session with Yukti. On email etiquette, I realized that there are times when mails are complex and need to be more polite and simplified. Regarding table manners, I pledge to start implementing what I've learnt, even at home. Then it stays for good.


Director - Science Utsav Educational Services Pvt. Ltd.

I have had a soft board in front of my place of work since 3-4 years and I have stuck some really important points that I have learnt during my trainings or from the books I have read. I keep adding new learning and removing the old ones that I have inculcated in me. Since I have started to attend your weekly trainings the place on my soft board seems to have suddenly grown smaller! So many simple yet effective points I have learnt from you Yukti – Especially about prioritization and team management.

I am really amazed by the originality in your trainings – I specially love the way you conduct special topic based sessions and ease with which you are able to handle questions but still stick to your agenda. Every training - be it a free training or a paid one - there is something new that I learn from you for sure. 

I would be ever thankful to you for teaching me about how to really calculate the value to my time and ensure I prioritise my work and qualify tasks! I have written the calculation on my soft board and I am sure it will always be there among the best learnings for me. And the MBS (MindBodySoul) time for self is also something everybody needs to inculcate.I wish you all the best for your upskilling programs. 

My gratitude to you for helping me grow mentally and spiritually. ill help them immensely in their work life.


CEO, The Virtual Company‬

The workshop has completely changed my attitude towards grooming and styling myself. I realised that it’s such an integral part of who I am and can’t afford to ignore it anymore. The transformation has stayed with me till date and has helped me deliver what I need to deliver with confidence and style.