Ladies, here is what you must know – fashion is no more limited to just women cause men to have completely taken over the shelves.

In fact, the first Silhouette open workshop we did had 25 seats, of which 24 were registered by men! Surprised? Ditto.

Last week, while we were preparing to leave for a wedding ceremony, I noticed my cousin wearing a pair of black shoes with his blue suit, so I had to jump in.

I immediately took him aside to share an open secret – black shoes with a blue suit are a big fashion faux pas!

And if you think men and fashion don’t go together, men today have no choice but to have a little more info about various accessories; especially shoes.

As they say, “shoes speak louder than word". Remember, your shoes can make or break your impression."

Just like Spider-Man needs web-shooters, Batman needs batarangs, and Captain America needs a shield, a man of style needs to have a bevy of exquisite shoes to get through his day in style.

While you have an endless ocean of footwear options (yes, now even men do!), you basically need just five pairs of shoes:

  • Oxfords Whether it is an important meeting or a wedding ceremony, you need a pair of Oxfords to go with your suit. Build to last; these shoes can easily survive for a decade if taken good care of. Its biggest USP is its elegance. No wonder this type of shoe has been around for more than a century.

                                Oxford Shoes can only make you look better

  • Brogues Brogues are evergreen and you can wear them with pretty much anything. Rock it with formals or with casuals, you are bound to look good in them. No other shoe is as versatile as Brogues. Additionally, being fairly uncommon in India gives it an edge over other shoes.

                               Brogues are forever

  • Boots Boots are perfect for every season. It allows you to go out even during the rainy season without letting you drop your sense of style. They look best when worn along with a crisp linen shirt, a pair of denims, and a leather jacket. Style and class – check.

                          A pair of suede Chelsea Boots will never go out of fashion

  • Sneakers Nothing screams sporty and casual as well as a pair of Sneakers. Sneakers give you the freedom to be yourself, hence they define you. And no, I am not suggesting you to pick a pair of modern sneakers. Opt for timeless sneakers, and you can never get it wrong.

                            A Pair of Sneakers from New Balance

  • Running Shoes Unless you regularly play any specific sport, a pair of running shoes in your arsenal should suffice. Wear it to the gym or substitute it as your secondary sneakers, running shoes will always keep your feet happy.
  •         Asics Runners will never let you down

Leaving you with a few tips by the side:

  • When you dress up for any occasion, start with selecting your footwear first.
  • For any formal event, make sure that your shoes are darker than your pants.
  • Remember, comfort is more important than style. If your feet hurt, there is no chance that you’ll look stylish in those footwear.
  • Don’t buy a pair just because you’re getting a hefty discount.

With this in mind, I’m sure your good shoes will take you to good places.