You don’t have to wait for a new year to commence to make the important changes in your life.

Happy 1st of June!

Can’t believe we are already five months into 2019. Didn’t we celebrate the New Year just a few weeks back? Oh, the Theory of Relativity!

Anyway, do you remember the blog we shared on why do New Year’s resolutions fail? We talked about the reasons why they fail and how learnings can be an apt substitute for resolutions. In case you have forgotten, here is the quantum link that will take you to that blog – No New Year’s Resolution Please.

So, we are in the sixth month now. How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? Are you still honestly working on them? Or did they flee from your mind a day after welcoming the New Year? Or did you, like many, refrain from making any because you were sure enough that you won’t be able to complete them?

As you probably already know, I used to be a poor New Year Resolutionist (just made up that word). But I’m elated to share with you that this year has been different. This year, unlike the previous years, I focused on learnings. I made three New Year’s Resolutions Learnings and, so far, I am well on track to complete them.

New Year’s resolutions are infamous for not being kept. No wonder, when we only practise self-reflection and self-discipline 1/365th of the year, we’re bound to fall short.

So here’s my proposition: make a resolution now. Mathematically speaking, making a resolution now (in the middle of the year) instead of waiting for a new year to begin would double the chances of keeping it.

Our resolutions fail not because they are resolutions and are jinxed to fail. Our resolutions fail because they are not practically motivating. So let’s focus on things that we genuinely aspire to improve.

How are you doing this time of the year? What’s wrong? What could be better? Do you want to eat healthier? Do you wish you’d be kinder to the people around you? Do you think your life would be better if you journal daily? Do you want to set a new discipline of meditation every day? Do you want to learn something new?

When things get hard, we tend to hunker down and think, “Well, this will get better … eventually.” But, in my experience, good change never happens from ignoring issues and making easy choices. Things get better when we tackle what’s wrong. Change never feels good at first, but sticking to it will yield good results.

So do it. Make some Half-Year’s resolutions. Make some Wednesday’s resolutions; make August’s resolutions. Take up the #30DayChallenge.

You don’t have to wait for a “good time” to make a change. Make a change now and that would be a good time.