Today is the 31st of March. I just thought its a great day for us to connect.

Not only does this mark the success of all the hard work that you have done the whole year round, but it also made me realize something while I was getting my act together… putting my numbers together, talking to my accountant, figuring out why we dont do this more periodically!

Why don’t we have a better process around this? And why all this stress at the last minute?

And that’s why I call it a ‘Last Minute Syndrome’.

I realized that there are many other things where I deal with the last minute syndrome a lot better than when it comes to financials.

So why create that division and why not avoid all the stress that we can, when you know how it’s done?

Today I am going to share with you something that works beautifully for me. I am sure as hell that it’ll work very well for you too. The only thing you have to do is to be willing to give it a shot.

I call this mantra as the 48 HOUR RULE.



What does that mean? It just means that when you know your deadline, you prepone the deadline in your mind by 48 hours.

So if you know that you have to submit something on the 5th of April, then make that 3rd April in your mind, and not a minute later. The discipline for the rule is what you have to train your mind for.

The fact is that our mind believes what we want it to believe.

I would like to share something extremely interesting that a motivational speaker called Sean D’souza does beautifully, year after year.

He has simply trained his mind to believe that a year has just 9 months. For him, it’s 9 months of work and 3 months of vacation.

In fact he has a whole concept around it. He calls it the Three Month Vacation.

This concept also runs on the same lines as telling your mind that you have only so much time to finish what you need to.

What it takes is to practice this rule.

To practice anything we must do it for at least 21 days consecutively from the time we start something new.

Once you do, it becomes your reality. That’s when it comes extremely handy to deal with this monster called the ‘Last Minute Syndrome’.

I wish that you’ll never have to struggle with this last minute problem beyond today.

As 31st March marks the beginning of a New ‘Financial’ Year Resolution for you, I am sure you will make absolute use of it.

I would love to know if this worked for you, or if there is anything else that works for you better to deal with the Last Minute Syndrome.