Dressing well and taking care of your appearance goes hand in hand with feeling confident and, dare we say, invincible. Various studies have been done to see exactly how our choice in clothing affects our state of mind, and results have found that formal clothing is a great choice for inducing feelings of empowerment as well as fuelling a more abstract and broad mindset.

If you’re looking for different ways to feel more empowered at work, here are some tips for dressing with style and power:

  • Statement shoes –

Here’s some good news for men – you are no longer limited to the mundane brown and black formal shoes. There’s a wide array to choose from which aren’t just classy, but also comfortable for a workplace environment. Men also enjoy variants of oxfords, brogue, and derby to name a few. For semi-formals, we have loafers, boots, and sneakers.

As for women, need I say the options available for you when it comes to shoes? There are plenty! But if we could share one tip, it’d be to avoid embellished shoes or anything that takes away one’s attention from your intellect.

  • Colours –

Colour is a therapy. They bring in their own energy and have their own purpose. It is not surprising that colours have been given a lot of importance in a few religions. Take Hinduism for instance – each day of Navratri stands for a different colour. In addition to religious beliefs, the importance of colours is also backed by science. There’s a reason why Google has the colours it does. For example, red stands for power, black stands for sophistication, white stands for peace, yellow for vibrancy, blue for trust, etc.

Colours bring in their own set of benefits which helps in healing at an emotional as well as a physical level. Take the colour red for instance. It is associated with cleansing and strengthening our roots through holistic remedies.

  • Accessories –

So glad that we don’t have to share a blog each for men and women when it comes to power dressing because there isn’t any category where men are deprived of options. Accessory is just one of them. From cufflinks to pocket square, men enjoy a wide range of accessories to wear. But why should you bother to wear accessories?

Well, to add a ring to your dressing and, more importantly, your styling. Accessories are not functional, as not everything in life has to be. A few things can add a bit of an X-factor. So bring in a new accessory that you aren’t so used to and see how it makes you feel. Do give us some credit for that dapper look, once you adorn one.

  • Suit up –

Nothing screams power dressing as well as a suit does. The good thing is that this staple item in any working wardrobe comes in endless variations. So, the options are plentiful and you will definitely find something that works well with your working environment.

Suits are also a clever investment as you can wear separate items with a completely different piece from your wardrobe to remake a whole new power outfit.


  • Tailoring –

If you do opt for suits to power dress, be sure to tailor your clothes as there is nothing worse than an ill-fitting blazer or trousers. A well-fitted outfit can make a world of a difference and make you look extremely sharp.

And this goes for any trouser or skirt you may choose to wear. The point is no matter what you’re wearing, you should ensure it fits you phenomenally.

  • Confidence –

No matter what you wear, for as long as it suits you well and you wear it like it represents your personality, you will carry it with confidence. Needless to say, confidence can do more good than any brand can to your overall personality.

Speaking of brand, power dressing is not about what brands you wear but about the confidence with which you carry yourself. While you pick up a different-coloured outfit with a new variant of shoes, fancy accessories, and a tailor-made shirt, do remember to wear them with loads of confidence.

While these tips will most definitely help you to dress for power, remember that empowerment comes from within. Therefore, you should pay close attention to what is happening internally as well as externally.