I have always believed that what you wear is a reflection of who you are. Last week, I met up with a friend for a cup of coffee. She turned up in a loose top, looked dull and her hair was just tousled up. In an instant, I could gauge that she was not at her best today and I was not surprised when she nodded her head in agreement. Here are some important pointers I doled out to her, see if they work for you too:

What you wear is who you are

Clothes are a sign of how much you respect yourself. If you were to spot me on my way to a meeting, you will always find me dressed to perfection. It is because I am in full swing when I am dressed well and can give my best shot.

At meetings, first impressions are crucial. It is important to sport your best look – from outfit to shoes. Men could don well-fitted trousers and a crisp shirt which makes a powerful statement. Ladies, pull off that short skirt with a pair of killer heels by all means – just ensure you are comfortable in it and then walk your talk.

Why hide it when you can flaunt it?

You see a fab dress on the shop window, but stop yourself thinking about your not-so-flat belly or big thighs? Well, you’re not the only one. So many people are unsure about their bodies and want to conceal parts that they think are not perfect. But let’s change the idea of dressing on its head – from concealing to revealing, your best assets.

Just figure what’s awesome about your body or face, and you’d be surprised to see that no one cares to see your ‘problem area’. Girls, flaunt your slim shoulders with noodle straps or paint your picture-perfect talons and just go nail it. Boys, go for a cool blue checks shirt or a white pair of sneakers that grab all the attention.

Wear your colour of the day

Colour Therapy suggests that different colours create different energies in your body and can create instant mood shifts. How about trying this with our clothes too? Fill in those gaps in your moods by just wearing a colour that contrasts with how you feel! Beat those Monday blues with a bright hue or tone down your over-excited self with a subtle shade. And yes, stop playing safe with black. As much as it gives you a slim look, overdoing it could make you seem unapproachable.

So that’s how I and my friend concluded our round of pep talk. We then hopped over to the mall and shopped till we dropped. Yet again, I was assured that what we wear is a mix of your clothes, accessories and mood. It is in our hand to uplift it instantly!

Today, why not play it up? Begin with a loud nail colour or a statement accessory. Men, don’t feel left out, you too have so much to try out – stylish bag or a shirt with a fun print on it and see what changes. Or if you are not quite sure of what to pick up, share how you feel, and I could chime in with a helpful tip or two.