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When aspiring models ask me if they can succeed, I respond with a big yes. If you truly, deeply, madly want to walk big runways or star in TV commercials, you can do it. I know it, because I have done it.

Can’t forget my Gladrags Mrs. India days

The best thing about memories is no matter how tough things seemed then, one only looks back fondly. My days as a Gladrags Mrs India finalist were exactly like that. I applied to the contest one moment, and in the next moment I was standing proudly on the finale stage. Confident as I was, I could not help feeling a bit clueless about what next. Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

Sure I made it till there on my own steam, perhaps because I was one of the rare few who dropped stage fright at the age of seven. But should I have prepped up a bit more? Should I have signed up and spent thousands on one of those mushrooming but vague model coaching centres?

That day as I bagged the title of Gladrags Mrs India Runners-up, a dream came true. But it left behind another vision to create a space for dreamers out there who are keen to make it into modelling but are not sure of how to do it. I wanted to build a platform that makes the going easier for many others like me: to prepare themselves before opportunity knocks. After all, “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.

Introducing Silhouette by Yukti

I put in years of thought, research and brainstorming on what can really benefit models, and today I am delighted to bring to you: Silhouette by Yukti. Call it a launch-pad for aspiring models, corporate executives and fresh-out-of-college newbies. Through my fun-filled workshops, I help them enter their chosen professional arena with absolute confidence and finesse.

My next workshop is extremely close to my heart

If you believe you can shine, the right guidance can work wonders. Calling all believers, to my next big modelling workshop – a curtain raiser to the world of modelling!

I will be doling out precious real-life tips that only come out of having been through the real experience of a pageant. Experts will come in to deliver exclusive modules on ramp-walking, presentation, make-up, food, fitness and lots more. Together, we will arm you with all that you need to storm into the modelling world. All this, in a non-competitive, fun and positive atmosphere so that everyone can make the most of it!

8th July it is: Save the Date

Whether you are a model or dream of being one, I invite you to up your expectations; push limits and embrace what your heart truly desires. I love what Lauren Hutton, American model and actress, says about style – ‘Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. Style is what you choose.’