I woke up this morning remembering how we were all taught the importance of our Republic Day in school and were made to write essays on it. 

Well, how many of us actually remember its significance as that, since we stepped out of school?

I must confess that for the large part of my life I didn’t know much about Republic day except that its a national holiday, and when clubbed with a weekend it gets even more joyous.

But that’s not it; of course.

With conscious curiosity, I learned that Republic Day is not just a celebration of the birth of its Constitution, but also a commemoration of the day in which we consolidated the contesting ideas of the nation, and concluded upon the values it enshrined and the path it would take towards social, political and economic objectives.

It is also a day that reminds us of how proud should we be of this country’s heritage, culture, languages, religions, traditions, and everything that makes India what it is.

So let’s go beyond restricting it to just another holiday, sharing WhatsApp images or having a patriotic Facebook DP, and see how this celebration can be extended to our lives.

Definition of “Constitution”-

Fundamental and entrenched rules governing the conduct of an organization or nation-state, and establishing its concept, character, and structure.

Just as how we need ‘constitution’ to keep a nation together, we also need to write and willingly sign up for a ‘constitution’ that keeps our relationships together; relationships with our loved ones, and with our fellow countrymen.

As citizens of this republic country, we enjoy a bevy of rights. I am sure you agree that it is our duty to not exploit those rights…

Our right to freedom does not allow us to cheat in our relationships; our right to equality is not just about giving equal rights to men and women, but to every human being regardless of their gender or sexual preferences; or our cultural rights does not mean that we spread terror just because we presume that a movie has distorted the historical facts.

This Republic Day, Silhouette by Yukti asks you to whole-heartedly accept the constitution of this nation and of the unsaid rules of relationships to strengthen our sense of belongingness.

Let us pledge together to hoist the flag today with love and respect in our hearts for one and all.

I wish you all a very Happy Republic Day!