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Discover the battle-tested public speaking techniques that have empowered 5000+ global leaders to conquer the stage and excel in their career.

Unlock Opportunities by Making a Lasting Impact with Your Words.

Master the Art of Public Speaking: Immerse Yourself in Practical Speaking Exercises, Receive Personalized Feedback, and Hone Your Articulation. Elevate Your Stage Presence with Unwavering Confidence and Magnetic Charm, Captivating Audiences and Leaving an Indelible Impression.

What Concrete Results To Expect After Completing This 12-Week Program?

Master the Art of Commanding Any Room with Powerful Speeches, Whether You're Leading Internal Reviews, Facilitating Investor Discussions, Conducting Townhalls, Navigating Unplanned Board Meetings, or Addressing Industry Events.

Hands on Learning with Templates:

Delve into the art of eloquence with Guided Training, ensuring your ideas shine clearly and persuasively in every speaking opportunity. 

Learn How to Impact, and Not Just Deliver:

Shift from mere presentation to powerful persuasion. Whether it is an industry event or a board meeting, inspire action and evoke emotion with every word.

Personalized Expert Feedback:

Receive In-Depth Feedback from Coach Yukti and Esteemed Industry Experts, Enhancing Your Strengths and Identifying Areas for Improvement as a Speaker.


Showcase your sharpened skills in a Live setting. It's more than just practice; it's about real-world application and recognition.

and a lot more. . .


                 Course Fee Structure

Course commencement Date:-  20th FEB, 2024 (Weekly) Online

  • LIVE workshop for 2 Hours, every week
  • 24+ hours of intensive coaching
  • Templates for planning your Speeches/Presentations
  • Framework for story-telling to connect with audience
  • Personalized feedback and action plan
  • Exclusive Bonuses 
  • Additional learning resources and references
  • Pre-Post Feedback from an ICF Certified Leadership Coach and Keynote Global Speaker

Regular Course Fee: ₹1,00,000 plus taxes

NOW at ₹50,000 (plus taxes) only.

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1. Introduction to 

Public Speaking (Week 1)

- Importance of effective public speaking in business leadership

   - Identifying individual speaking strengths and areas for improvement

   - Setting personalized goals for the course

2. Understanding Your

 Audience (Week 2)

 - Analyzing audience demographics and needs

   - Adapting communication style for different stakeholders

   - Crafting messages that resonate with the target audience

3. Structuring Impactful 

Speeches (Week 3)

 - Introduction to speech frameworks (e.g., problem-solution, storytelling)

   - Organizing content for clarity and coherence

   - Incorporating compelling opening and closing statements


4. Mastering Verbal 

Delivery (Week 4)

- Vocal projection, tone, and pace

   - Articulation and enunciation exercises

   - Practicing effective use of pauses and emphasis

5. Enhancing Non-Verbal 

Communication (Week 5)

- Body language and gestures for influence

   - Eye contact techniques for building rapport

   - Utilizing stage presence to command attention

6. Engaging Visual

 Aids (Week 6)

   - Design principles for impactful presentation slides

 - Best practices for using visuals to support your message

   - Avoiding common pitfalls in slide design


7. Managing Nervousness and 

Building Confidence (Week 7)

- Vocal projection, tone, and pace

   - Articulation and enunciation exercises

   - Practicing effective use of pauses and emphasis

8. Connecting Emotionally with 

The Audience (Week 8)

  - Incorporating storytelling to create emotional connections

   - Using anecdotes and personal experiences to add authenticity

   - Cultivating empathy and relatability in speeches

9. Handling Q&A Sessions and 

Impromptu Speaking (Week 9)

   - Strategies for handling tough questions with grace and poise

   - Tips for thinking on your feet and delivering impromptu responses

   - Role-playing Q&A scenarios for practical experience


10. Persuasive Communication and

 Call to Action (Week 10)

    - Understanding the principles of persuasive speech

    - Crafting compelling call-to-action statements

    - Leveraging storytelling and data to support your arguments

11. Rehearsal and Feedback (Week 11)

 - Participants deliver their speeches for practice

    - Constructive feedback and individual coaching

    - Refining speeches for the final event

12. On-Stage Event (Week 12)

- Participants deliver their speeches in front of a live audience

    - Celebrating progress and achievements

    - Networking and learning from fellow speakers' experiences


Who is this workshop for?

C-Suite Professionals 

Senior Corporate Executives

Managers and Team Leaders

Business Owners

Startup Founders

Board of Directors

A Note from Coach Yukti

I've been engaged with public speaking for the last 20 years and have spoken at 250+ national and international events,  a TEDX Speaker, have been in the jury to shortlist TEDX talks, anchored TV shows  on SONY, EROS NOW and TV18, have been a panelist and moderated many panel discussions  with the likes of Gaur Gopal Das,  Nandan Nilekani, Prahlad Kakkar, and many more. Not to miss, navigating through the tantalizing Q&A round before I was crowned Gladrags Mrs India winner. 

You might be wondering if I am gifted with confidence, or have a knack for public speaking. Honestly, that's not the case. 

I was never a gifted speaker who could just go on the stage and deliver an applauding speech. The journey from being that coy girl to becoming a beauty pageant winner was not an easy one, to say the least. There are many lessons that I've learned the hard way.

How I wish someone could pack it all up using simple and practical techniques to ace the skill of speaking in public. So, I decided to do just that!

While curating this program,  we ensure that your learning is made simple using practical and powerful techniques with world-class content and relevant application. This program has already  transformed over 5,000 individuals into becoming Impactful Speakers and Inspiring Leaders , from across various sectors and industries. 

I welcome you to this life-changing journey !

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Personal Coaching Sessions

One complimentary personal session to help you overcome any specific personal or professional challenges, using coaching techniques.

Worth INR 50,000

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Community of Leaders

Connect with like-minded leaders from across industries , exchange insights, and access invaluable resources to elevate your leadership journey.

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Exhaustive Virtual Library

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I was fortunate enough to implement what I learnt immediately, had a situation where I was needed to talk to 70 people at the work place. Fear is what I experienced at the first go ; but as fear is a figment of my imagination (well explained in the program), I could actually put it aside and spoke in a very clear and effective way. Post the speech, I realized that I'd gone wrong in some places where my words ran faster than my mind but my audience couldn't stop congratulating me for being so inspiring and effective.  Thank you very much Yukti for your guidance.

Kedar Ambekar, Director - Nikeda Art Printers Pvt. Ltd.

Always so much to learn from you Yukti. Loved the storytelling techniques I learnt from this course.  Always thought it was so important to pick up matter from a TED talk or Google but realizing it's your stories where the authenticity lies and that's when the emotions flow. Learned that facts are important -  a couple of humorous lines always help -  joke should always be on you - body language is so important - vulnerability is what an audience relates to. 

My absolute favorite was the exhaustive library. Thanks.

Madhavi Khanolkar, Owner - M Design Studio

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program is tailored for senior corporate executives, aspiring CXOs, seasoned business owners, startup founders, ambitious professionals, and board of directors seeking to amplify their influence through persuasive speaking.

Each workshop will be for 2 hours, but there might be special sessions or guest lectures that could be longer. Participants will receive a detailed schedule upon enrolment.

Yes, you will get a lot of opportunities to practice speaking and get personalized feedback as well. You will also have an exclusive opportunity to perform on-stage in front of live audience at the end of the program.

We understand that life can be busy, and your schedule may not always align with live sessions. Though we will provide recordings for all the sessions to the participants, we highly recommend attending the live coaching sessions to make the most out of this world-class program.

Upon completing the program, participants will receive information on advanced courses and additional resources. We also offer networking opportunities and periodic alumni sessions to further hone your skills.

Yes, certificate will be provided.