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Yoga has become my staple – the more I practice, the more the nourishing and sustaining effects permeate my everyday life.

There isn’t a particularly romantic story about my foray into Yoga. I remember an overriding feeling during my first class at the tender age of 16 that I wasn’t good enough or flexible enough to do Yoga. It wasn’t until many years later, after several ruptured discs, and a bundle of anxiety and body discomfort that I found a teacher who provided a safe and nurturing form of Yoga.

I was hooked. Instead of being a means to get my leg behind my head or suck on my big toe, Yoga made accessible a world of self-acceptance, self-care and curiosity. I began to notice that I was less anxious, scratchy and foggy, and I think it’s safe to say, a whole lot easier to be around.

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  • Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra Certification, Auckland
  • 2016 Certificate 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Contemporary Yoga Studies, Auckland
  • 2012 Certificate in Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Donna Farhi, Christchurch
  • 2007 Graduate Diploma in Teaching, New Zealand Graduate School of Education, Christchurch
  • 2006 Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & Media Studies, Wellington

About Woven Yoga

Yoga is the art of weaving the threads of the mind, body and spirit to integrate towards a whole.

I don’t weave. I certainly don’t knit. But I’m rather obsessed with how the enriching threads of Yoga can enhance everyday life.

My classes have a Hatha foundation and are strongly influenced by my teacher, Donna Farhi. I aim to provide classes that are informative, self-renewing, fun and accessible to a wide range of students. Classes are theme-based and give room to explore what feels best for the individual. There is a focus on building the ability to listen attentively and kindly to ourselves.

You do not need to be female, be able to touch your toes, or wear Lycra to reap the benefits of this practice. If you have a desire to move with more ease and comfort, connect with the fullness of your breath, and delve into mindfulness, then Yoga is for you.

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Rebecca Rylands

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