upskilling leadership Mastery

- A transformational journey of Spiritual Leadership

What makes great leadership? What allows some leaders to breathe life into organizations that thrive while other organizations just smolder and fizzle out? Great leadership begins in the mind’s eyeThe key to unlocking your own leadership potential doesn’t exist in some peer-reviewed journal, a thought leader’s TED Talk or by talking to a mentor. Simply put, great leadership exists within you.

There is an old saying that you can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself. It is therefore difficult, if not impossible, to implement organizational leadership without strong personal spiritual leadership. Spirituality is a muscle that needs to be strengthened with learning and practice. 

We bring to you, Upskilling Leadership Mastery - a one year Spiritual leadership course that’ll intrinsically motivate and inspire you to elevate your leadership skills and create a highly motivated, committed and productive workforce. 

ULM Course Content

In this course, you will learn how to identify and elevate the values, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to satisfy fundamental needs for spiritual well-being, which positively influences your financial, social, emotional and mental state. ULM  is designed to help you understand, strengthen and leverage upon certain key leadership & life skills, such as: 

Upskilling Leadership Mastery (ULM) is a mastery in leadership that’ll help you to:

  1. Cultivate mindfulness and mindful awareness
  2. Imbibe a sense of purpose and meaning in life
  3. Build the ability to follow inner convictions
  4. Improve your financial position; either in job or business
  5. Collaborative, consensus-based decision making
  6. Establish deep trust within your relationships
  7. Managing and overcoming resistance to change
  8. Enhance your level of commitment and productivity at work
  9. Managing conflicts in business and personal relations
  10. Empower and motivate your teams to take up more ownership


These power-packed bonuses will not only ensure that your receive absolute value for money, but will also add to the impact of this course for you.

Personal Coaching Sessions

Two complimentary personal sessions to help you overcome any specific personal or professional challenges, using coaching technique.

Worth INR 50,000

7 Guided Meditations for Leaders

Get FREE access to 7 guided meditations course, designed to empower leaders, for every day of the week. A perfect way bring in a spiritual practice, as a leader.

Worth INR 1,999

Support system for Sustainability

Enjoy the power of inbuilt support system within the course to enhance your emotional strength and help you to stay on track, throughout the course.


ULM Course Structure:

  • LIVE Masterclass (12 sessions) every month; elaborating the concept and exploring the depth of each life/leadership skill.
  • Life Projects on each topic every month, bringing concepts to practical application, thereby creating transformation for you.
  • Open Mic  (12 sessions) every month for Q&A and LIVE presentations on the projects
  • Pre-work to guide you towards the depth of your core, through self-reflection and exploration.

Ready to start the journey?

This course will not only lead to beneficial personal outcomes (higher levels of physical health, psychological well-being, emotional strength and better relationships) but will also deliver improved leadership skills, giving you 

the ultimate competitive advantage.

Next Batch starts from 14th August 2021 

INR 8,999* Per Month 

*12 monthly installments mandatory

Easy installments to get you started with this transformational journey towards success, by rewiring your mindset and upgrading your belief systems. 

All the benefits of Annual program are included in this plan.

Write to us on [email protected] with your consent and contact number and we shall get you onboard in a jiffy.

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INR 94,990 Annual

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  • 24 Masterclasses
  • FREE guided meditation course 
  • 2 Personal coaching sessions 
  • Access to our Virtual Library 
  • Membership of our Leadership community
  • Invitation for all our Leadership webinars 
  • All Taxes
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