Upskilling Leadership Mastery

- A transformational journey of Spiritual Leadership

Leadership starts from the Soul

Leadership starts from the soul; therefore, Spiritual Leadership is crucial to any leadership role. Spiritual leadership is a blend of self into the workplace to improve the spiritual consciousness of people and provide a more meaningful work environment.

Spirituality has no religious connotation; no age limit; and, no cultural context. Spirituality is the reality of your spirit - your consciousness. And, once you connect with that do you truly understand the meaning and essence of 'authentic' leadership.

  • Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow beyond limits
  • Are you a Corporate Executive who wants to give his/her full potential, and go beyond office politics?
  • Are you an individual who's struggling to enjoy a meaningful relationship in life?
  •  Are you feeling judged and misunderstood all the time in your personal and professional life?
  • Do you feel something in your thoughts/habits/actions is holding you back and keeping you small?

I want to share something with you.

Life is too short to wait...wait for others to understand you, love you, and give you what you deserve.

You need to learn how to 'take charge' of your life - without depending on anyone else to help you do that.

You need to learn how to enjoy every relationship you have, including the one with yourself.

You need to learn how to live every single moment of your life, without guilt and regrets.

Listen to what Saumyata(a senior resource at Amazon, ex-Air Force) has to say.

My journey in the one year of ULM was transformational but definitely not an easy one. It wasn't as rosy as I was expecting it to be but rather a thorny one with loads of pricks of reality- my own reality and the one we all probably create in our minds.

A lot has changed about me, the way I perceive, respond (yes respond, not react!!), and even process everything around me. I have become less angry with myself and everyone around me, and so much more patient in relationships, work and most importantly, with myself.

The best takeaway for me is to JUST BE there in the moment, and surrender myself 100%!! The FOMO, anxiety, and restlessness of Just Being in the moment have vanished. I am all in all a much happier, peaceful, kinder, forgiving and content being. Now I understand the power of spirituality and am so blessed to have the best Coach leading me on to this path. Can't thank you enough Yukti Ma'am.

 Saumyata SinghVedanta Sesa Goa | Ex-Amazon | Air Force Veteran

You can have the same transformation. You can bring a change in your life by taking a step forward today.

Join Yukti, India's Leading Transformational Leadership Coach, and embark on a transformative journey called Upskilling Leadership Mastery. 

Discover the path to unlocking your true potential with Coach Yukti as she guides you through the EXACT process and systems necessary to connect with your inner spirit. Say goodbye to dependence on others for solutions and embrace the ability to conquer any situation life throws your way. 

Through our program, you will not only experience a profound sense of financial, emotional, professional, and personal fulfillment, but also gain the tools to shape the world around you according to your desires and aspirations.

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ULM is a mastery in Leadership, and LIFE, that'll help you to:

1. Cultivate mindfulness and live in the present moment.

2. Imbibe a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

3. Build the ability to manage your inner self-critic.

4. Dare to dream (BIG) and develop courage to fulfill them.

5. Make your own decisions with confidence and clarity. 

6. Establish deep trust within your relationships

7. Managing and overcoming difficult people and situations.

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Here is a sneak-peak into a few transformations...

About Your Coach

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta is a proud recipient of Rashtriya Abhiman Puruskar 2023 for being India’s leading Transformational Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur.  She is an Erickson Certified Coach and a Reiki Master with a decade of senior leadership experience at Citi & Barclays. 

As a Former Gladrags Mrs. India (Runner-up), and an Ex-Banker with Citi & Barclays, she has closely witnessed the gap between people’s capability to perform and ability to lead; and made it her mission to transform leaders towards 'Authentic Leadership'.

With a profound understanding and dedicated practice of spirituality, she has harnessed its power to transform her own life and that of countless leaders she has led towards peace and eternal happiness.

At the core of her beliefs lies a strong emphasis on self-awareness, and she possesses a unique ability to create structured approaches that simplify learning and implementation for others. Her coaching prowess has earned her well-deserved recognition and prestigious awards, like:

  • Most Prominent Contributor towards Innovation 2023 by World Innovation Congress
  • Top 10 Most Dynamic Entrepreneur 2022 by India Today, ANI News and Business Standard.
  • Mumbai Woman Leadership Award 2021 by World Woman Leadership Congress
  • Top 10 Women Startup CEOs 2020by a prestigious business publication called CEO Insights
  • National Woman Excellence Award 2018 extended by Indo European Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises.


These power-packed bonuses will not only ensure that you receive absolute value for money but will also add to the impact of this course for you.

Personal Coaching Sessions

Complimentary personal sessions to help you overcome any specific personal or professional challenges, using coaching techniques.

Value INR 50,000

7 Guided Meditation for Leaders

Get FREE access to 7 guided meditations course, designed to empower leaders, for every day of the week. A perfect way to bring in a spiritual practice, as a leader.

Value INR 1,999

Transform Knowledge to Wisdom

Dive into the ocean of wisdom as you learn the principles of Spirituality with Coach Yukti, and ways to implement this learning into your day-to-day life. 

Value INR 80,000

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ULM Course Structure:

  • Daily guidance towards the depth of your core, through self-reflection and exploration.
  • Weekly LIVE Masterclass for 52 weeks; elaborating the concept and exploring the depth of each life/leadership skill.
  • Monthly Life Projects bringing concepts to practical application, thereby creating transformation for you.
  • LIVE Q&A sessions every week to learn spiritual principles and its application in life.
  • Support of an exclusive community of Leaders and lifelong Learners

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This course will not only lead to beneficial personal outcomes (higher levels of physical health, psychological well-being, emotional strength and better relationships) but will also deliver improved leadership skills, giving you the ultimate competitive advantage.

Book a one-on-one call with Yukti to know if this course is for you, and how ready you are to transform your life.

INR 11,800* Per Month 

*12 monthly installments mandatory

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INR 1,41,600

INR 1,20,000 Annual

Enjoy the discounted price for your commitment to get started right away. Includes :

  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • LIVE Q&A sessions with Coach Yukti
  • FREE guided meditation course 
  • Personal coaching sessions 
  • Access to systems designed for managing your life & emotions
  • Membership of our Leadership Communities
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Let's learn to live while we can!